Singing Bowl Training Level 1

Singing bowl is a very versatile sound healing tool. The traditional hand-hammered singing bowls produce multiple sounds and rich overtones that not only sooth the mind. The frequencies from these amazing sounds also resonate with different parts of our body, stimulating our cells and energy systems. The Singing Bowl can also be placed directly on our bodies. These physical vibrations generated from the singing bowl ripple through the body, facilitating healing processesThis is an experiential workshop that each participant will have plenty of time to be immersed in hands-on practices with singing bowls of different sizes. At the end of the workshop, participants will be confident in creating beautiful sounds with singing bowls. Participants will also know how to incorporate singing bowls in daily routine to enhance personal wellbeing.Singing Bowl MasteryEverything you need to know in selecting, handling and playing the singing bowls of different sizes and makes.Sound MasteryMake the most out of a singing bowl. We are going to practice different playing techniques to draw as much value as possible out of a singing bowl. Apart from all the fundamental essentials about the singing bowl, we’ll also learn…4 Daily Practices to enhance general wellbeing 2 Energy Cleansing methods with the vibrations of the Singing BowlsChristina's singing bowl workshops are not related to any religions or mystical believes. Do join us with an open mind. Questions relating to all meditation, religious and energy practices are welcome during the workshop.
Sat Jun 3, 2017
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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31 Cantonment Road Singapore
A-Space Open House